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By voicing your opinions you genuinely influence brands and organisations across the globe.

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SurveyBods receive rewards for every single survey completed. We pay out £1000’s each month to our panellists.

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All active members are automatically entered into prize draws to win huge prizes, every single month.

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SurveyBods are a UK based research community – we invite people from all over the country to join us and take part in surveys, polls and interactive research activities.

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Got a question about SurveyBods? -
See our FAQs below:

  • Who can join SurveyBods?

    Anyone over the age of 11 within the UK can apply to join SurveyBods by completing the registration form online via a PC, phone, tablet or other internet connected device. Any accounts created from outside the UK will not be accepted.

  • I'm under 16, what do I do?

    The Market Research Society (MRS) which oversees all market research in the UK, states people under the age of 16 cannot participate in market research without the informed consent of the parent or guardian.

    If you are aged between 11 – 15 years old you can submit your details and we will then contact a parent/guardian by phone to speak to them. As long as they are happy for you to join the panel, an email will then be sent to them so they can give their consent. 

  • How do I earn points and get rewarded?

    Once registered, you will receive invitations by email or through Facebook (when relevant) to participate in surveys. When you complete each survey, your account is credited and when this reaches the correct redeemable balance, you can claim either an Amazon voucher or the money can be paid straight into your bank account.

    For every survey you complete with bonus points attached, you will receive between 50p - £2, or sometimes even more. Alternatively, you will be entered into a prize draw if you successfully complete a survey. The relevant incentive will be highlighted in the initial survey invitation for each survey.

    Not only will you receive points for completing surveys, but you also receive tickets to be entered into our monthly prize draw giving you the opportunity to win a range of fantastic prizes!

    Once you reach the correct redemption amount of 1500 points (or £15.00), a 'Redeem Your Points' button will appear on your profile page- clicking on this will then take you through the different SurveyBods payment options (If registered on or before 28/08/2013 your initial redemption amount will remain at £25.00).

    Prize draw and Online Community opportunities are also available with the possibility of higher incentives.

  • What happens to the information I give?

    All information you provide is held in complete privacy. We do not pass on any of your contact details to anyone! You will not receive junk e-mail because of us. We are committed to ensuring your privacy, we are registered with the Information Commissioner in the UK and are registered data controllers. 

  • I have signed up but I can't login?

    Please email us at hello@surveybods or call us on 0113 288 5991 and we will resolve any problems.  If you are under 16 please note that we need to get permission from your parent/guardian before you can start filling in surveys and earning money.

  • Can I have more than one account?

    No – only one account per individual is allowed.  If multiple accounts are detected belonging to only one person, these will be removed and any rewards made against the completion of surveys will be removed.

  • What types of surveys will I have to do?

    You do not have to complete any surveys you do not want to. The surveys you will be invited to participate in vary greatly in terms of subject matter, who they are for and in length and engagement. All surveys we send out to our members are vetted to ensure they are suitable and appropriate.

  • How do I receive surveys?

    Survey invitations are sent out by email, or through Facebook (when relevant). We can also send out invitations via text from time to time where appropriate. 

  • How long does each survey take?

    Surveys can take anything between 1 minute and up to 30 minutes to complete, though most are normally about 10 minutes. Survey invitations state how long the surveys take to complete, the amount paid and when the survey is due to close, so you can decide if you wish to participate.

  • Will I need to complete every invitation I receive?

    No.  However, we would like you to complete as many as you can – but we appreciate members do not always have the time and do not always feel like filling in a survey.  The number of surveys you choose to complete is entirely up to you.

  • How can I get more survey invitations?

    Completing your profiling surveys and ensuring your contact details are up to date is the best way to ensure you receive as many invitations as possible.

  • How many surveys should I receive on average each week?

    The number of surveys you receive is determined by the amount of requests we have from companies as well as your profile - not all surveys will be relevant for you and where we can, we try to avoid sending you these, which is why it's important to keep your profile up to date.  The Market Research Society in the UK (MRS) and ESOMAR (Europe) provide guidance on the number of surveys people should receive over a given time to prevent 'survey burnout' and potential spam, so this may also limit the amount of surveys you receive.  

  • How do I register with SurveyBods?

    Simply click on the button on the landing page that says ‘Join SurveyBods’ and follow the instructions from there.

  • I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

    There are two options.  Either click on the forgotten password link which appears when you click the ‘Sign in’ button on the landing page.  Or simply email us at hello@surveybods.com, with Forgotten Password in the subject line and we’ll get back to you.

  • How do I enter a prize draw?

    Every time you complete a survey, you will be awarded a ticket. Every time you are screened out of a survey, you will also receive a ticket. These tickets will gradually build up throughout the month (depending on your activity), the tickets will then automatically get entered into the prize draw at the end of every month – the more tickets you have, the more chance you have of winning a prize.

    The prize winners will then be chosen at random and awarded the relevant prize. After every monthly prize draw, your tickets will be wiped from your account and you can then start building them up again from 0 to go toward the next prize draw.

  • What is a panel status?

    SurveyBods now awards their loyal members with a unique panel status. The panel status is awarded depending on how many surveys you complete. There are 5 different panel status's you can reach; bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. The panel status will be awarded as follows; 

    2 Surveys complete = Bronze Badge

    5 Surveys complete = Silver Badge

    10 Surveys complete = Gold Badge

    20 Surveys complete = Platinum Badge

    30+ Surveys complete = Diamond Badge

    Not only does having these exclusive statuses’ on your account show that you are a loyal, active member of the panel, but it also means that we can direct specific competitions and prizes to you depending on the panel status you have achieved. 

    The higher the panel status you have the better the prizes are up for grabs!

  • What does it mean when I get screened out?

    Each survey will start with a few questions that will make sure you are part of the targeted demographic group needed for the study, if you do not qualify, you will then be screened out. But do not worry, we know how annoying this can be, every time you are screened out you will be awarded another ticket to be entered into the monthly prize draws.

  • What is the strike process?

    You are liable to receive a strike for any of the following;

    - Speeding through a survey

    - Entering silly or poor quality answers.

    The 3 strike rule basically means that if you are flagged up for any of the above reasons, a warning email will be sent stating how many strikes you have gained and the implications for getting strikes. If the panelist receives 3 strikes – their profile will then be removed from our panel and you will not receive any more survey invites.

  • What are the Profile Surveys?

    During the SurveyBods registration process, you will have been asked to complete a profile survey asking you to answer a number of questions about yourself and your lifestyle. There are 3 more profiling surveys we ask you to complete, which can be found in the 'My Profile' tab. – It is important that you are as honest as possible throughout these surveys so that we can allocate the most appropriate surveys to you. You will not receive any tickets for complementing the profiling surveys; however you will receive 50 points (equivalent to £0.50) for each one you complete.

    Once you have completed all 4 surveys, your profile strength will increase to 100%. Please also ensure that the information stored in these surveys is always up to date and recent. You can update these surveys at any time via the ‘EDIT/UPDATE’ buttons.

  • Why do I not always qualify for surveys?

    There are 2 reasons why you might not qualify for every survey you are sent. The first reason is if the quota for a survey is full and the correct amount of participants have already completed it; To try and prevent this from happening, make sure you respond to all survey invitations you receive as quickly as possible as access will only be available until a pre-determined number of responses have been received.

    The second reason you may not qualify is if you are 'screened out'. This happens because you may not match the exact criteria for every survey you are sent. Estimating how many people will want to answer a survey is a tough thing. Researchers know in a general sense how many people will complete a survey. They predict it based on the age, gender, and other demographics of people they sent the survey to. They also predict it based on the topic of the survey and the length of the survey. In the end though, it is just an estimate and sometimes, the number is over or underestimated, this is why being screened out happens.

  •  I am a proud member of this panel, I truly enjoy filling in surveys for SurveyBods and if possible I will continue to be part of your friendly panel. I find the surveys very entertaining and the incentives definitely worth it.

    Bobby - 24
  • My experience with you so far has been great! The surveys are fun to do and I especially like the ones that involve my child’s opinions as well as mine. We have learnt a lot about each other!

    Alli - 48
  • I found that you made everything very clear and easy and made sure that my parents understood by phoning them, this made sure there was no confusion. They also keep you up to date with all information by email which is very handy.

    Emily - 15
  • Beautifully designed and intelligent surveys, interesting newsletters and generous rewards!

    Olga - 44
  • The surveys are simple, quick, and easy. The rewards are endless and well worth your time. I would recommend this website to everyone.

    Maciej - 16
  • I love taking surveys and variety is the key which is why SurveyBods is tops for me!

    Roz - 57
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