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Influence Everything

By voicing your opinions you genuinely influence brands and organisations across the globe.

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Get Rewarded

SurveyBods receive rewards for every single survey completed. We pay out £1000’s each month to our panellists.

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All active members are automatically entered into prize draws to win huge prizes, every single month.

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SurveyBods are a UK based research community – we invite people from all over the country to join us and take part in surveys, polls and interactive research activities.

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Learn all about SurveyBods, who we are and what we do.

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Managing your SurveyBods profile and account settings.

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Find out how to redeem your points and start receiving money.

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Resolve any technical issues with the website or surveys.

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  •  I am a proud member of this panel, I truly enjoy filling in surveys for SurveyBods and if possible I will continue to be part of your friendly panel. I find the surveys very entertaining and the incentives definitely worth it.

    Bobby - 24
  • My experience with you so far has been great! The surveys are fun to do and I especially like the ones that involve my child’s opinions as well as mine. We have learnt a lot about each other!

    Alli - 48
  • I found that you made everything very clear and easy. They also keep you up to date with all information by email which is very handy.

    Emily - 23
  • Beautifully designed and intelligent surveys, interesting newsletters and generous rewards!

    Olga - 44
  • The surveys are simple, quick, and easy. The rewards are endless and well worth your time. I would recommend this website to everyone.

    Maciej - 28
  • I love taking surveys and variety is the key which is why SurveyBods is tops for me!

    Roz - 57
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